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CanEggs Protein Powder Photo Shoot in Luxury Toronto Condo

Last week we helped food and beauty professionals create health & wellness and luxury lifestyle stories to benefit all society simply by giving them access to one of our premium suites at King and Dufferin.  The condominium unit located at 38 Joe Shuster Way faces south and has a wide balcony with a fantastic view of Lake Ontario on the horizon and Lamport Stadium twenty stories below.

Lamport Stadium adds to the Walk Score of King and Dufferin

On the day these people gathered in the unit there just happened to be a historic rugby game being played in this open-air sports venue which has just recently been re-sodded and now appears a brilliant emerald green.  The Toronto Wolfpack rugby team pounced on the London Broncos and destroyed them with a clear and easy victory at home.  A tech company sponsor pegged the attendance at 7300+ people in the bleachers, but we know there were dozens more watching from balconies across the street. EmagTO’s article about the day focused primarily on CanEggs photo shoot and the people at our job site.

CanEggs condo photo shoot in Toronto, luxury lifestyle

Some of the guests at the photo shoot included Martin Dasko from Studenomics, a student finance blogger with a vast readership here Toronto and in colleges and universities south of the border.  Christina Paruag is the editor of FemEvolve health and wellness magazine.

Martin Dasko with Christina Paruag of FemEvolve magazine

The man seen below operating the blender is Sam Dhutia, founder and CEO of CanEggs Ltd which processes poultry eggs into a clean source of protein. The powder is made locally by spraying freshly cracked, mechanically separated chicken egg whites through a fine nozzle and then evaporating the moisture from the mist in midair using high efficiency drying ovens.

Sam Dhutia makes smoothies with egg white powder in luxury condo in Toronto

Let’s be clear there is nothing new about powdered eggs, and nobody ever claimed that dehydrated foods were healthier than fresh fare, but everything has its advantages.  Today, egg white powder is primarily used for baking pastries on an industrial scale. Fifty years ago, when the process was first perfected, powdered eggs only real demand were by the armed forces. Both Canadian and American WWII armed forces served powdered eggs, sometimes daily, to troops serving overseas and the meal was even more popular during the Korean conflict.  (There are over a dozen episodes of M.A.S.H. which show the kitchen-workers making and serving powdered eggs.)

What’s new? The industrial baking ingredient is now available online in 1kg and 2kg boxes online, and is finding new markets among muscle-builders and  and make-up artists alike.  Here’s Jennifer Turner of Modern Makeup who made a recipe for egg white powder face masks or beauty masks on her blog. She is applying the face mask to Alice Li – 2018 Miss World Ontario.
Jennifer Turner masks a beauty mask on Alice Li

At 4pm, timed to be hot & ready at the start of the rugby game, Amico’s Pizza delivered an Italian themed feast that included two different salads, six dozen BBQ chicken wings and two huge deluxe pizzas.  You can read all about the luxury condo photo shoot on Amico’s Pizza blog.  Here’s a great shot of Anna Belani the media producer getting a second slice.

Producer eats pizzaThe afternoon ended with the models wearing beauty masks and drinking egg white powder infused fruit smoothies on the balcony which was staged with Velago outdoor furniture for the occasion.  Below you can see Alice Li and her sister Kat Li are relaxing on their Ronco outdoor sofa which retails for approx $400 in their showroom.

Kat and Alice Li in Ronco outdoor sofa by Velago Patio Furniture

The idea was to show attractive young people enjoying the best things in life, twenty stories above the crowd.  The platform was perfect for people watching and the traffic snarls on King Street after the game ended reinforced the idea of escaping the commute by living in the core.

Trish and Jason and Alice Li with Sunbeam 6cup blenders

The afternoon ended with all participants getting a Sunbean 6-cup blender and one kg of CanEggs egg white powder with which they might experiment making smoothies and beauty masks themselves, in the comfort of their own homes.