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Lots of Transition Game, 05 June 2017

Premier Matrix Realty would like to offer a friendly challenge to readers to identify which condominium  projects in Toronto these pictures , and we’ll be watching the comments for your answers and hopefully we can award congratulations to the winner and maybe a small prize.  On the morning of Tuesday 5th June 2018, this author wandered Toronto and was impressed by the size and scale of these building lots in transition.

Site #1, where is this deep hole in the ground in Toronto – 05 June 2018

can you guess where this site is located in Toronto

Site #2, where is this supermarket being demolished? What project is taking shape here this summer?

site in downtown Toronto

Site #3, where is this narrow patch between residential apartment towers? There’s no basement being prepared for this building site.

Bloor Sherbourne construction site

This crack of sunlight may be another clue to this third and hardest photo. If you know the locations of these properties please prove it; let us know in the comments.