I bought my first condo in Toronto from Ovais in 2009 and since then it has been an absolute pleasure in dealing with him. Even after the sale was made and there were issues with the builder, most real estate agents would have wiped their hands clean and walked away, Ovais took up for me and fought my case with the builder to my satisfaction. I have bought and sold multiple units with Ovais and I have always found him honest, direct and with the best advice. I trust him completely.

I have also used his services to rent out my unit and I had to do nothing apart from signing the documents. He himself rejected candidates he didn’t think were suitable even though I was willing to rent to them. He takes complete ownership and treated my unit like it was his own, and considering he is also an investor, I benefit from the insight he gives me and his reasons for rejecting and accepting a tenant.

For any of my real estate needs, he is my first phone call. I even call him for maintenance issues with my unit or even if I want to get a cleaner to the unit and other sundry and he always helps even though he shouldn’t have to put in time dealing with those issues. I have him on speed dial and I recommend him whole heartedly.